Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Few Musings

So the entire population on Facebook has posted their “25 Random Things”—a collection of random tidbits and loving anecdotes about their life which I believe annoys more people than actually sparks any third party interest—it’s a fun idea but such activities are usually reserved for chain emails, speed dating activities, a psychology assignment when your high school teacher is gone, etc. However, after leafing through a few friends’ comments I couldn’t help creating a list of my own. In an effort to break the norm of 25, and in defiance of ‘following the crowd’ I will only post my top 15.

1. I don’t like swimming.
2. I secretly fear one night I’ll sleepwalk to my computer and change my facebook status to something completely inappropriate.
3. I’m convinced that in the last year I’ve grown 2 centimeters taller and my shoe size has shrunk half a size. No comment.
4. I love the smell of sagebrush after rain and pine needles during a snow storm.
5. I feel guilty killing spiders. Really guilty.
6. I was once offered 2,000 camels to become an Egyptian shop-owner’s wife.
7. I received a DVD player for Christmas from someone who knows I don’t have a T.V.
8. I usually insist on driving. It’s a control issue of sorts.
9. My dad was kidnapped in Mexico.
10. I’ve prayed in the Vatican, a Mormon Temple, an Israeli synagogue, an Orthodox church, and an Egyptian Mosque.
11. I wear mismatched socks almost daily.
12. My car’s name is Iris Almira.
13. I walked the city of Jerusalem so quickly it’s fair to say “Today I ran where Jesus walked”.
14. I cannot sleep on airplanes.
15. I want to live my life as if I’m filming the movie Baraka.



  1. Juel...Your top 15 is more interesting than any top 25 I've ever read.

  2. I'm so glad you have a blog. Now, I can follow along with your adventures. So. I should have wrote this on your wall earlier, but... I'm teaching English at a preschool in Taiwan until June. I have an extra bedroom in my apartment. You can come stay with me and teach at the preschool, if you'd like, for as long as you'd like. Or you can take my spot when I leave in June, until December, and get paid. Either way, I'd love to hear more about what you're doing. If you're interested at all. Check out my blog. It hold all the details you'd ever wish to know. XOXO.

  3. Plus. You could add a Buddist Monastery and Taoist Temple to number 10 if you'd like. They are both a 5 minute bike ride from my house.

  4. I am still unsure why you didn't take the camel offer. Did I mention that I have missed you oodles since our trip. I am currently thinking of our next trip!

  5. So, what's the exchange rate on camels? Are 2000 camels worth more or less than 8 cows?

  6. Exchange rate on camels = $2000 for every camel. Apparently blondes do have more fun in the Middle East...