Sunday, February 8, 2009


Word of the Day:

Frigorific: causing cold: chilling.

While snowshoeing my toes become frozen due to frigorific conditions.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Few Musings

So the entire population on Facebook has posted their “25 Random Things”—a collection of random tidbits and loving anecdotes about their life which I believe annoys more people than actually sparks any third party interest—it’s a fun idea but such activities are usually reserved for chain emails, speed dating activities, a psychology assignment when your high school teacher is gone, etc. However, after leafing through a few friends’ comments I couldn’t help creating a list of my own. In an effort to break the norm of 25, and in defiance of ‘following the crowd’ I will only post my top 15.

1. I don’t like swimming.
2. I secretly fear one night I’ll sleepwalk to my computer and change my facebook status to something completely inappropriate.
3. I’m convinced that in the last year I’ve grown 2 centimeters taller and my shoe size has shrunk half a size. No comment.
4. I love the smell of sagebrush after rain and pine needles during a snow storm.
5. I feel guilty killing spiders. Really guilty.
6. I was once offered 2,000 camels to become an Egyptian shop-owner’s wife.
7. I received a DVD player for Christmas from someone who knows I don’t have a T.V.
8. I usually insist on driving. It’s a control issue of sorts.
9. My dad was kidnapped in Mexico.
10. I’ve prayed in the Vatican, a Mormon Temple, an Israeli synagogue, an Orthodox church, and an Egyptian Mosque.
11. I wear mismatched socks almost daily.
12. My car’s name is Iris Almira.
13. I walked the city of Jerusalem so quickly it’s fair to say “Today I ran where Jesus walked”.
14. I cannot sleep on airplanes.
15. I want to live my life as if I’m filming the movie Baraka.